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From Prototype to Manufacturing

Let us bring your concept to reality!

Olympic Systems specializes in providing proof of concept and production quality prototypes. We have the knowledge and expertise to build prototypes and devise rapid and economical ways to bring your product from development to market. Give us the responsibility of developing your prototype and manufacturing your final product; in return, you will realize improvements on both profits and quality of your final product.


One-Stop Shop - Fast Turnaround

As a one-stop-shop with the capabilities of machining, welding, and finishing a wide range of materials from stainless steel to exotic metals (titanium, Hastelloy, duplex and AL6XN), aluminum and plastics, we offer fast turn around services for prototyping and manufacturing.


Your Prototype Manufacturing Partner

Our experienced team will  support you in creating a concept sketch, develop a prototype (using AutoCAD), build a physical cost-effective prototype and manufacture final product.

In the prototype stage, we can determine if any design changes are needed so that the product will meet all technical specifications, optimize design and reduce production cost.

Whether you are in the prototype or manufacturing stage you can expect a consistently high standard of quality control, superior workmanship, 100% customer satisfaction, and attention to detail.

Capabilities of MasterCam, BobCad & AutoCad.


clean room glove box product dev
custom developed metal frame cart


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