Welding Proficiencies

Olympic Systems is proficient in all types of welding

welding servicesWelding Services and Capabilities

Use Olympic Systems for your welding needs and benefit from production cost reduction, repeatability, consistent quality welds, faster cycle times, and ability to work with a wide range of metals

Olympic Systems provides precision welding solutions to a wide range of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, fluid and gas processing, semiconductor, instrumentation and food and beverage organizations.

We specialize in welding services for ultra-high precision and purity applications. Our capabilities range from prototypes to high volume production and work with diverse materials such as stainless steel, exotic metals and aluminum.

Welding processes include:

  • ARC
  • TIG
  • GTAW
  • Orbital
  • Resistance
  • Custom engineered fabrications


Full Penetration Sanitary Welds

For customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fluid and gas processing or medical industries we utilize our Digital Orbital welding equipment in sanitary weld applications. This ensures high quality, repeatability and full penetration of the welds with no overheating and eliminates the risk of exposure to rust, bacteria and other contaminates.

Welding Equipment We Use

Bancroft TIG Welder Model 300 SPI

Miller TIG Welder

Model AUB-4 Spot Welding

Thompson A0-30KVA Seam Welder

Nika 200 ATW Control for Welder

COBRA + 19-150 Digital Orbital Welder



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